Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Today the classes learned more about the metric system, as we continued our lesson of math in agriculture.  To add in a little language arts as well, we talked about prefixes and suffixes!  The group learned about milli-, centi-, and kilo- used in measurements of volume, weight, and length.  They listened to a metric system song to help them remember the meanings, and then we followed up with an activity where the kids worked in groups to put cards in order.  

My favorite part of this class is when we talk about all of the things that are going on right now on the farm.  Today, we talked about many things going on right now, but one of them was our livestock guardian dog's injury.  Something has been bothering him for the last couple weeks, but I was unable to figure out what.  I explained to the class that a vet was coming out to examine him right after class today.  The cool part was that this particular vet happened to be a former homeschool student right here in Fayette County.  Many of the students in the afternoon class even knew her younger brother!  We talked about her success and hard work, and just her upcoming visit was a great lesson!

I encouraged the class to have full participation in writing this week's stories, and they did an amazing job!  Some wrote about the little goat, KitKat, and her new home.  Others wrote about our grumpy mini-horse and came up with a story about her attending anger management classes!  These stories were seriously awesome!  In the younger class, I read the book "No Dogs Allowed".  In this book, a restaurant puts up a "no dogs allowed" sign.  It then modified the sign to read "no dogs or cats".  This goes on and on, and eventually ends with a lesson in exclusion, forgiveness, and loving others.  It led to a wonderful discussion about equality and kindness!

We were able to soak up a little bit of sun today, and with the flux in weather this winter, we'll take what we can get!

In art today, the class worked on Valentine's Day cards.  Ms. Gina walked them step by step through some ridiculously cute designs!  Next week, we will make Valentine's boxes in preparation for our party on the 14th!

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