Thursday, January 25, 2018


I was very disappointed to have to cancel last week, but the snow and ice left us no choice!  It was great to be back with all these smiling faces!
Morning Farm Chores!

Today's lesson was all about measurements.  We talked about the difference between volume and weight, and the difference between a fluid ounce (volume) and an ounce (weight).  It can be very tricky!  On the farm, animal feed is measured in pounds.  Each animal needs a certain amount of feed per day, given by weight.  Now, that would be fine except.... we use scoops for dishing out the grain, not a scale!  I explained that in order to make sure to give the correct amount of feed to an animal, we need to weight the feed and mark the correct volume of feed needed on the scoop.  
Both classes guessed that the layer pellets would weigh less than the all-stock pellets, because the all-stock pellets are larger.  To their surprise, the layer pellets were heavier!  We talked about the difference between large pieces and small pieces, and how the larger pieces allow for more air spaces between each pellet.  (For example, there is more air between a gallon of ping-pong balls than a gallon of marbles!)   As we measured and experimented, we talked about our hypotheses and results. 

I have talked to the class about ways to administer different livestock medications.  Today, we reviewed medicines given as paste and those given as injections.  (The younger class learned that the letters T-I-O-N make the "shun" sounds, and they came up with examples of other -tion words!)  Medications are measured out in mls or cc's.  We discussed how cc stands for cubic centimeters, and it means the volume that is in a 1cm x 1cm x 1cm cube.  This lead to a discussion about dimensions, and the meaning of "3D".  And, speaking of 3D.... we integrated art perfectly!  The kids learned how to draw 3D shapes in the younger class.  The older class learned how to create 3D effects to block letters!  These turned out wonderfully, and I was so excited that not one child had ever learned this fun drawing technique before!  

Let's cross our fingers for some great weather to get us through the rest of the winter.  Surely we've had enough ice and snow!

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