Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Last Day of the Fiber Workshop!

Today was our last day of our fiber unit!  We wrapped up this workshop with a quick lesson in sheep and sheep terminology.  They learned more funny words such as ewe, yearling, and mutton.  They agreed that it was very confusing for each type of animal to have its own specific words for males, females, babies, etc!

The group spent some time learning about crochet from our guest speaker, Laura Rook from Kagooli Handmade!  The class was able to see and feel batt and roving, and then they could see different types of crochet.  Of course, the students knew all about crochet hats, blankets, shawls, etc., but they were completely surprised to learn that you could crochet dolls and toys, as well!  Laura brought in some fun dolls and items to show the class, and even brought in a hamburger made of yarn!  I am so glad that the group was able to learn that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity!

The groups shared their alpaca stories today.  This week, they could either write an alpaca story that uses terms that they learned in class, or they could write an alpaca poem.  Although the writing assignments for class are very laid back, I was a little disappointed that very few students in the afternoon class had time to work on one this week.  I am encouraging them with a prize for any class that has 100% participation for our next writing assignment!

I shared the story, "A New Coat for Anna".  The students were able to follow along as I read the story of how Anna's mother bartered for her daughter to get a much needed wool coat.  It took almost a year, but once the farmer sheared the sheep, the wool was taken to the local spinner, the berries were ripe and collected, the yarn was dyed red, and the tailor cut and sewed the material, the coat was ready for Anna to wear.  This was a great story to wrap up the unit!

For art, the younger class searched the yard for the perfect sticks for a mobile activity.  They used different colors and textures of yarn to wrap their sticks, and then we worked on balance as we hung them as a mobile.  The older class had a weaving project.  They created woven bookmarks!  This was tricky for some, and others were getting very creative with these!

We will NOT have class next week, as workshop #3 will not begin until 11/15.  We will not have a writing assignment during the gap!  See you on the 15th!

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