Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fiber Workshop Day 3

Brrr!  It was a little chilly today, but we learned indoors until things warmed up.  The class began with Farm News.  Tootsie the goat had her baby on Sunday!  I explained the signs that I looked for to know when to separate her from the herd.  I also gave an update on the guinea keets that are warning around with their momma guinea hen and her little flock.  They are doing great, and all eight are still alive!  

After Farm News (and a LOT of questions and comments!), we had a review of what we have learned so far in our fiber classes.  Then, the classes learned about alpacas!  Although we don't have alpacas here on the farm, I am hoping for a furry visitor next month!  

The students learned different terms used in alpaca farming.  Then, the class learned the steps involved in turning fiber from angora rabbits, sheep, goats, or alpacas into yarn.  They should be able to tell you about scouring, combing, dying, and spinning!

For art today, the class worked with felt.  We talked about the difference between natural and synthetic fiber, and the kids enjoyed working with mixed medium!  Ms. Gina taught the class about an artist named Kandinsky.  He is a Russian artist, and the founder of abstract art.  The class recreated one of his famous pieces using construction paper and felt cut-outs.  The older class continued to work on their yarn spiral projects.  Although some finished it in class today, others decided to take it home to finish it.  It was really interesting to me to hear the different reactions on this project.  Some preferred painting and sketching, but others really loved the opportunity to work with their hands and wrap the yarn!  I love that they were given the opportunity to try something new!

We will be back next week for our last day of the fiber workshop! 

This week's writing options:

  1. Write an alpaca story.  Try to use some of the terms that we talked about in class, such as cria (baby alpaca under 1 year old), maiden (female that hasn't had a baby yet),  A female is called a "hembra" and a male is called a "macho".  A mother is a dam and a father is a sire.... just like with goats!
  2. Write a poem about an alpaca.

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