Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fiber Workshop - Day 1

Today, we had to play catch up a bit!  We finished up our dairy lesson from last workshop with a quick review in how cream is formed (and why store bought milk does not separate).  The class then made their own butter by shaking up a container of cream using a marble and some dance music!  The marble helps to speed up the process, and the music keeps the kids hopping and energetic while they shake their containers!


Today’s lesson was an introduction on different types of fiber that comes from plants and animals.  We discussed cotton, mohair, angora rabbit fiber, sheep’s wool, and alpaca fleece.  We had an integrated social studies lesson, as the students learned about the Navajo tribe and their beautiful woven rugs.  We read the book “Goat in the Rug”, which is a true story about a Navajo weaver and her goat, Geraldine. 

We were able to get out and play today!  The kids were able to eat outside, play tag, and visit with the animals.  With the recent rain, I was very excited that we could get out and soak up the sun!  Afterward, the kids were able to see the newly hatched ducklings!  A couple weeks ago, the kids candled the duck eggs to see the embryos growing inside.  Today, they saw those little babies and were able to hold them!

In art, the class worked with yarn to create baby turtles!  They had to concentrate as they wove the yarn in a certain way to create the shell.  It took the younger ones a little practice, but they all mastered the technique and did a great job!

Next week, we will continue our fiber lesson as we zero in on the different sources of fiber and their uses.  Each student will need to bring in their writing assignment!  For next week’s class, think about the story of Geraldine and the Navajo rug.  In the story, the narrator was the goat, herself.  She told the story from her point of view.  Now, you choose a fiber animal: goat, angora rabbit, alpaca, or sheep.  (If you’d like to be really creative, you could even be a cotton plant!)  Now, tell a story about something that is made from your wool, mohair, or fleece!

Parents- If you bring in foods that require a spoon or fork, please bring them in…. OR…. feel free to bring in a box of plastic-ware to keep in the room!  We are going through forks and spoons left and right.  Thanks!

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