Thursday, September 28, 2017

Last Day of Workshop #1!

What an incredibly packed day!

Our class began with a bit of dairy talk.  The kids learned about mastitis in dairy cattle and goats, and how to test for it.  I showed the kids the strip cup, which is used to look for imperfection in the milk before you milk into the pail.  This inspection is important to detect clumping, thickness, flakes, etc.  We wanted to milk Vanna White today, but she had other plans.  You see, Vanna is still nursing her (very large) little boy, and she did not feel like letting our class milk!  I did show the kids how the strip cup works, and a few people were able to milk her before I decided to just wait for the next momma to kid.  We have a whole school year ahead of us... and there will be more opportunities to milk a nicer doe!  I did use this chance to show the kids how to trim the goat's hooves.  It wasn't a complete bust!

The class worked on their news reports today, and we recorded them for a video!  I will be working on the editing this weekend, and hopefully have them up early next week!  They did an absolutely awesome job... and some of them had me in stitches!

This was a bit random, but I have two broody ducks at the moment, both sitting on nests of eggs.  I also have duck eggs in the incubator.  These eggs have been set for about 2 weeks, and were at the perfect point to candle!  Although we won't be talking in depth about poultry and embryology until spring, I brought down the eggs and we took a peek at the developing embryos inside.  They kids were able to see the veins, the shadow of the ducklings, and lots of movement!

In art, the kids finished their marionette animals.  It was a crazy day full of hot glue, beads, straws, string, pipe cleaners, and more!  The kids loved it, and I think their projects turned out great!  I had the Lonely Goatherd song from The Sound of Music stuck in my head all day long!

Even though our next workshop is on a different topic, we will come back to dairy and finish up a few loose ends.  Thank goodness for flexibility, as sometimes I just try to pack too much in!

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