Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dairy Workshop: Day 2

Thank goodness for electricity!  So many of our Farm Fusion families were without power during Hurricane Irma, but we were able to have class today.  The classes got to hear all about the work involved in bringing in silkies, ducks, and rabbits, locking up the goats, horse, donkey, and dogs, and getting food and water to all the new locations.  To top it off, I caught a snake in the middle of eating one of my wooden eggs in the duck's nest!  Needless to say, that didn't fly with me!
It was definitely a crazy weekend and first few days of the week

We talked about so much today!  The classes went over the food groups, serving sizes, healthy food choices, and then zeroed back in on dairy. They learned the differences between the udders and teats of cows and goats, what cream is,  why our goats are hornless, and so much more!

The classes did such a great job with their writing assignments!  Again, this is not meant as a stressor, but simply to be a positive and social writing experience.  They really love listening to each others' stories, and I absolutely love their creativity!   I read them the story "The Silver Cow", which is a tale from Wales.  Each week, we will hear a new story that relates to our topic.

In art, the kids mixed their own milk paint!  They talked about primary colors and combined and mixed their own shades.  I love the way these turned out!  It's similar to watercolor, but b
older... and it dries thicker and more bright!

This week's writing assignment --  Come up with ANY story at all that has a cow and/or a goat as a character!

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