Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Gardening & Bunny Workshop: Day 3

Today in art, the class began by finishing up their rabbit "antique" tile project.  Next, Ms. Nancy taught the students about the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.  Sometimes it's difficult for children to create pictures that are from a close perspective.  Ms. Nancy helped them to think "larger than life"!  They worked on flower pictures today, using oil pastels to make them pop!

Our class has been learning about types of plants, parts of plants, and seed development.  Today, they saw the parts of a sprout, as they observed their bean seeds that they planted last week.  They were surprised to see how the seed coat was discarded, how the cotyledon emerged from the soil and was located under the new leaves, and how much growth happened in a single week!  The class observed the root growth, and we talked about the roll that the roots and stem play in moving water through the plant. 

Next, we took a closer look and learned about plant cells.  I explained that in the same way that our body is made up of organs that each perform a different task, cells have organelles that each do a special job for the cell.  As we learned about different organelles, the students added sprinkles, raisins, and candies to their Rice Krispie cytoplasm.  We discussed how chlorophyll converts the sun's energy into food for the plant through photosynthesis.  The younger group even listened to a photosynthesis song!

Of course, we had to have some snuggly animal time today!  Not only did we spend time with Vincent VanGora, the angora rabbit, but we also played with goats and hunted for the momma turkey that is wandering the farm with her 9 tiny poults!  When the morning class entered the animal area, we realized that there was a problem.  The goats were in the lavender orpington chickens' breeding coop, and the lavender orpingtons were wandering in the field!  I removed the pesty goats from the coop, and the class worked as a team to walk the chickens back to their home!

Next week is our last class for the year, which is so hard to believe! 

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