Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Gardening & Bunny Workshop: Day 2

Today, the class covered their pressed tile projects.  It was a little tricky,  but they did a great job!

The younger class learned more about the parts of a seed, the different types of plants, and they even learned a new song!  Instead of just talking about the way the embryo emerges from the seed coat, we acted it out with a little "seed yoga"!  They curled up into dormant seeds, and then waited until the weather was warm and moist before slowly sprouting!

We continued our "tops and bottoms" lesson from last week by sorting different vegetables (including ones they weren't as familiar with, such as asparagus, cauliflower, turnip greens, etc) into different groups according to the part of the plant that we eat.  So many of the students were shocked to learn that peanuts are pulled up out of the ground! 

In addition learning about the different edible parts of plants and the parts of a seed, both classes are studying the way that different seeds sprout.  To give them a visual example, the classes planted bush beans today.  They each planted two beans, but did so in a way that allows us to see and monitor their progress.  We talked about evaporation, condensation, and the greenhouse effect, as we covered the tops of their seed cups with Press and Seal wrap.  Next week, we should be able to see some real progress and discuss the parts that emerge!

 Each class continued working on their rabbit design for their pressed tin project.  These will be sent home next week!

 The afternoon class was able to really get some farm work in today!  The mini-pigs keep knocking down the strand of electric fence that was running on the inside of their livestock panels.  The line needed to be completely taken up and run in a different way.  The class took up the line and created an area for the mini-pigs to enjoy some fresh grass! 

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