Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gardening & Bunny Workshop: Day 1

 Oh my goodness!  What a great day!

The classes are learning about gardening, produce, seed development, and bunny rabbits for this workshop!  Today, they began with a lesson in different types of plants.  We read the book, Tops and Bottoms, where the sneaky ol' hare tricks the lazy bear by promising him the "tops" or the "bottoms" of certain harvests.  Through this book, we discussed different types of vegetables and fruits: root vegetables, tubers, leafy vegetables, fruits, melons, and more.  We will continue this Tops and Bottoms theme next week, as we dive deeper!

Of course, we had to get in some time with snuggly animals!  Our bunny rabbit is very excited to have a workshop all for him.  The students learned that rabbits can be raised for meat, fiber (hair), or for hobby/pets.  Our rabbit, Vincent, is an angora.  The class felt how soft he is, and we discussed the use of angora fiber.  We also used Vincent to teach a little bit of art history!  Vincent is a rescue.  Before coming to our farm, he had been in a fight with another male.  This caused an ear injury that left a large hole in one ear.  Although Vincent's ears should stand up, one flops.  So... meet Vincent VanGora!

The kids worked on a project that they will finish up next week.  Today, they used thick yarn to create rabbit designs on a 12"x12" piece of chipboard.  Next week, they will cover these to create a pressed tin look!

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