Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pig Workshop Day 1

It was so great to see all of the shining faces today!  We began our pig workshop with an overview of different pig breeds.  The kids learned about herbivores and carnivores, and they found that pigs are omnivores.  On our farm,  have potbellies and Ossabaw hogs.  The class heard lots of stories about our silly little house pig and my troublemaker Ossabaws!  

The kids spent time observing the pigs' behaviors.  They watched them root around, eat nuts and grasses, and walk on their cloven hooves.  The kids found more pecans for the piggies, and watched them crunch up the shells with their powerful jaws!

After our observation, we read the story "Perfect the Pig".  We'll be working on pig stories at home this week to share during next week's class!

For art, Ms. Nancy lead the students through a fall craft.  They began working on a fall project with leaf-tracing.  We will work more on the next week!

The younger class played a pig-themed game that used even and odd numbers.  We talked about even and odd numbers, and then they used them when rolling the dice to "grab the piggy"!   

The older class came up with many adjectives that describe our pigs here on the farm.  We talked about the use of adjectives in writing, and then played a fun adjective game!

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