Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Guardian Workshop - Day 1!

Today was the first day of our farm guardian workshop! The class will spend the next four weeks learning all about the special animals that protect the farm: donkeys, guardian dogs, and guineas. Each day, we will have an agriculture lesson and integrate it into storytime, creative writing, activities, games, crafts, and more!

The class began with a guardian overview. We talked about different predators that can cause problems on the farm. Then, we focused on donkeys! They learned donkey vocabulary terms that they can use throughout the class. The afternoon class talked about the difference between a jack and a jenny (common nouns) and the names Jack and Jenny (proper nouns).  I will bring this up with the morning class next week!  During snack, the class listen to the story of Velvet, the guardian donkey of Twisted Pine Farm.

After our snack, the kids love to getting to meet the sweet miniature donkeys!  I think the donkeys loved it just as much as the children did!


During art, Miss Nancy taught the class about collages.  Since we will be focusing on guardian dogs next week, the students began a dog collage project. We will complete them next week!

Each week, the students will be asked to do a writing assignment for class.  This is meant to be a LOW-STRESS creative writing assignment!  The students are all different ages and on different academic levels.  Some will write a single sentence, some will dictate and have parents write it, some will type theirs, others may handwriting multi-page stories.  The goal is not to focus on the technicality of the writing, but to enjoy discussing the stories each week.  Through this, I will discuss different aspects of grammar and writing. Example- Did you hear all of the amazing adjectives John used to describe the goats? 

In case it didn't make it home, here is this week's assignment!

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