Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Registration Time!



Farm Fusion registration forms are now available for 2015-2016 school year.  

Click here for forms

The class is made up of five four-week workshops (see tentative schedule, below), each focusing on a different agriculture topic.  Art, writing, reading, math concepts, grammar, etc are integrated with the ag lessons.  This enrichment/elective course is a year-long commitment.  The students remain together for each of the workshops, creating an environment to bond, play, celebrate, and learn with friends!

 The first workshop will begin 9/9/15.  All classes will meet on Wednesdays.


All Class Meet on Wednesdays 

This class also includes holiday parties for students to experience with their peers!

9:00-11:30 (Ages 5-7)  **4 Openings Available

11:30-2:00 (Ages 7-11)  **1 Opening Available (exceptions made for siblings)

I will have some 2 week mini-workshops for ages 11-15 throughout the year!  Like us on Facebook or bookmark this site.  Info will be posted as dates are ironed out!

**Exceptions can easily be made for sibling groups.  Contact me with  specifics, or if you need help selecting the right class for your child!**


$90 due at the beginning of each 4-week session

Workshop #1
Workshop #2
Workshop #3
Workshop #4
Workshop #5

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