Monday, May 13, 2013

Make-Up Day

Last week was a bit of a mess.  There seems to be a stomach bug going around, and instead of continuing to pass it around, we opted to reschedule classes until the germs had subsided.  Instead of working in class, the teachers posted at home assignments for those days last week.  I read the kids' writing journals today, and it seems that they didn't care much for the sick days, and wished that they had been able to come and learn together!

Today's make up day was a fun combo of the older kids and the 1st grade class!  Teachers came in and out, alternating between classrooms (or the picnic table on the deck).  It was a beautiful day!

In math class, the kids learned how to add using the vertical method.  They even learned to carry! 

Language Arts- We reviewed the four types of sentences today.  The students were each given one type, and they had to run across the yard, tagging my hand, if the sentence that I called out was their type of sentence.  We rotated through the types, so each person had a chance to be a question, statement, command, and exclamation.  The students and I also reviewed some of the tricky special sounds, such as "ow" as in cow, "ow" as in bowl, and "ou" as in out.  We also spent some time working on "ch and "tch", as well as "oi" in coin and "oy" in boy.  Then, they recited their grammar definitions, which they have learned so well!  We will have a little quiz over them on Wednesday.  Finally, the students showed me how they can write in complete sentences, with capital letters and correct punctuation, through a writing activity.

Before lunch, the class combined with the older kids.  The 3rd and 4th graders helped explain "A Midsummer Night's Dream", as they had read to that point.  Then, we all read on, discussing the hilarity as we went!  I loved hearing the laughter and seeing them get completely caught up in the story!  I think the older children who read Hamlet and Macbeth last year was shocked to see the funny side of Shakespeare!

Ms. Allison taught the class about Atilla the Hun today.  They talked about the stories in their at-home reading assignments, and illustrated them.  The class is now finished with the entire Volume 1 of The Story of the World!  In class on Wednesday, Ms. Allison will wrap it up with a showing of, "The Prince of Egypt", complete with popcorn!

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