Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Candling Day!

Language Arts- Ms. Allison was not feeling well today, so I filled in!  The students and I worked on the "ck" and "ke" rule from Lesson 21.  Words that end with "ck" have a short vowel sound, while words that end in a "ke" have a long vowel sound.  I then gave each student a pile of words.  They sorted the "ck" words into their vowel sounds.  After completing our workbook page, we reviewed our spelling list.  Each child took turns reading the word, then spelling it out loud, and then reading it again.  Finally, we read to page 65 in our "Fun With Pets" books.

Grammar-  In grammar today, the students reviewed the definition of a noun (which they have memorized beautifully), as well as common and proper nouns.  We looked at nouns that are "places" today, giving examples of common nouns for places and proper nouns for places.  The students worked on capitalizing the names of cities, states, and countries.  They also learned that you place a coma between the city and the state!

Poetry-  The class is working on their new poem, "Work".  They did such a great job with their last one!  I'm excited to make another fun video in a couple weeks!

Math-  In math class, we have been working on memorizing math addition facts up to 10.  When we use number bonds and repitition, we are working on building a foundation for mental math.  However, it is also important for children to know how to "count up", as I discovered today!  Using a number line, the class learned to add by counting on.  At first, many of them wanting to count the number that they started on.  For instance, when adding 6 +3, they would want to count "6" as the first number!  They were able to learn that you always have to jump to the next number before you can count it.  We played a number line game using a number cube.  Each student took turns rolling the cube and then adding the number on the cube to their position on the line.  The trick was.... if someone landed on your number, you had to go back to 0!  Also, they had to land exactly on 10!  It took a while, but the kids were loving it... and adding!

History-  In history class, we have been studying about Egypt and Mesopotamia.  Today, we read a story about the beginnings of Israel.  This was the story of Abrahm, Isaac, Jacob, and the 12 tribes of Israel. 

Spanish-  In Spanish today, Ms. Rose worked with the class on numbers, sayings, and colors.  They playeda game where Ms. Rose called out a color and the class had to go find that color in the room!  One of the most helpful learning experiences in Spanish class is just listening to Ms. Rose speak.  When she speaks to the children, she mainly speaks in Spanish.  She uses hand gestures and context to help the class know what she is talking about.  Hearing the spoken language gives them a great foundation for learning!

Science-  In science today, the class worked with acids and bases in a science experiment!  They used a red cabbage indicator to determine whether or not various substances were acids or bases.  They charted their findings.  It was a bit stinky, but totally successful!  

Agriculture-  We squeezed in some agriculture today, because the embryos in our chicken eggs are big enough for us to see when we candle them!  The class saw squiggly little embryos kicking around in there!  We had a review of chicken embryo development before the big event.  I explained that today is day 14 of development.. which means they should be hatching next week! 

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