Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bunnies and Chicks!

Our eggs hatched!  We have 8 little maran chicks who will be joining us at our agricultural exhibit this weekend! 

Spelling- In spelling today, we reviewed list 3, which the students have been working on at home.  First, we discussed the rule, "When two vowels go a walkin', the first one does the talkin'."  A lot of the words in this week's list follow this rule.  As a review, we used letter tiles to create the words. 

Reading-  Today, we read from our "Fun With Pets" book.  Each child was able to read a portion out loud, as they felt comfortable.  We discussed some of the phonics rules that we encountered along the way.

Handwriting-  We went through lesson 26 today, as a class.  I explained to the kids that handwriting lessons are NOT about getting the page finished!  It is about practicing good writing habits, and thinking as you write each and every letter.  First, I made them put their pencils down.  They listened and watched as I explained the lines on the page, and where the letter is supposed to fall on each line.  They then used "sky writing".  They used teir finger to write the letter, correctly, in the sky.  Then, they were able to pick up their pencils!  I checked the letters as they went along, choosing my favorite letter from each child's page.  Compare today's lesson to earlier lessons in their book!  They can DO IT! 

Grammar-  We had a brief review of common and proper nouns today.  We will be working on this concept a lot!  Why?  Because it is tricky, and they need to hear it over and over and over again!  We will be making our video for the poem, "Work" next Wednesday!

Writing-  The class shared their writing assignments today!  Each of them did a wonderful job writing about their favorite food!  I hope that sharing the writing as a group, and all of the positive praise, is helping them to enjoy writing at home!  For their next assignment, they will be writing about their favorite hiding place. 

History-  In history class today, Ms. Allison decided to take some time to talk about current events!  She explained to the class that this is a big year... it is an election year!  The children learned who our presidential candidates are, and they discussed presidential terms and elections.  They will be talking to parents and family about the candidates and the election process. In November, the class will be going into their own little voting booth to cast their ballots!  After our current events lesson, the children ventured back to Egypt.  Ms. Allison discussed information that they have learned about Egypt from their reading.  They then created pyramids using sugar cubes and glue!

Math-  In math today, the students took a test.  This was the first in-class test for them.  I read through the directions out loud, and we all progressed through the pages.  They all did a wonderful job, not only with the math problems, but with sitting quietly and patiently, and raising their hand when they had a question!

Spanish-  Ms. Rose and the kids sang a song from their CD which names common objects in the room.  They discussed the words, and then they played a game where they had to go around and label objects!  They learned their Spanish numbers through 31.  At home, they will be working on review and repetition!

Science-  Ms. Caroline picked up where they left off last week.  They pulled out the red cabbage indicator and tested different substances to see if they were a base or an acid.  Then, the class combined some of the acids and bases and charted the results!  Not only did they learn about acids and bases, they learned about the scientific process and the skill of documentation!

Agriculture- It was a big agriculture day today!  Our chicks hatched... and we had a little Netherland Dwarf Rabbit in the room!  This is one of the bunnies that will be raffled at Inman Farm Heritage Days this weekend.  We will be raising money for our field trip fund!  To get ready for the big event, the class worked on a display for the lessons they have learned.  Each child created an animal or a plant from construction paper, and added them to the display!  We will have it up at the table this weekend... Look for it!

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