Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making the Nile!

The day began with the pledge and a prayer.  This little class has done such an amazing job of falling into a routine!  Ms. Allison lead the class in a review on vowels and consonants.  They took turns making letter sounds and moving up and down the "letter ladder".  I am absolutely thrilled with how the class was able to come in, armed with their at home instruction, ready for more!  They all are doing a wonderful job!

In math today, Ms. Jennifer worked with the children on number bonds.  Number bonds are a method that Singapore Math uses to illustrate "fact families", or ways that a whole can be broken into parts.  This will be really important as we learn mental math methods for adding and subtracting numbers.  We will be working at home to study number bonds for each number 1-10. 

We took a journey over to the "farm" today!  The kids met the chickens and the goats.  They learned about eggs and how they take 3 weeks to develop baby chicks.  We will have purebred maran eggs in the incubator on Wednesday of next week.  These chicks will be at our booth at Inman Farm Heritage Days, and raffled off to support our group! 
The class also picked a sunflower.  We talked about the pattern of the seeds, and how math can be found in nature!  We also broke open the flower and collected all of the seeds.  They loved seeing exactly where sunflower seeds come from!  Although the raw seeds were not very yummy, they can be soaked overnight in salt water.  The next day, just toast them at roughly 250-300 degrees for *about* 20-25 minutes.  Keep a close eye on them!  The oven, and the location of the rack, can make a big difference.  You don't want them to burn!

In Spanish today, Ms. Rose worked with the children on their greetings, "Good Night" "Good Morning" and "Good Afternoon".  They played a game with suns and moons!  The kids used their greetings at the correct times!  They also worked on their Spanish numbers.  I think they are going to enjoy the Spanish songs that they are going to be working on at home!

Ms. Caroline taught the class all about molecules today.  They learned about atoms, and how atoms must follow different rules.  Some atoms can only connect to 2 other atoms, and some can connect to many, many more!  To illustrate this, Ms. Caroline used Legos.  She explained that the Legos have a certain number of pegs and holes.  They can only connect at that certain number of spots!  After the visual, the kids made their own molecules, using marshmallows and toothpicks!  They had to follow Ms. Caroline's rules as to how many bonds each could make. 

In history today, each student showed the class the timelines that they made about their lives!  These were wonderful... and the kids really loved explaining them to their classmates.  We talked about timelines, learning how they read from left to right.

As a class, we read about the Nile River, the Nile River Delta, and the impact on early Egyptians.  We learned that rivers always flow downhill... to the sea or ocean.  The Nile River, in particular, floods each and every year!  The class discussed how this impacted the Egyptian farmers.  Because the farmers expected it, they were able to let the rising waters help them out!  They learned about how the river deposited fertile silt onto the floodplain.  The class then did a map activity.  The learned about about North and South.  Early Egypt was separated into Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.  Using the map, I was able to show them how Upper Egypt wasn't actually "upper" on the map!  Upper Egypt was actually south of Lower Egypt, but they were further up the river, closer to the mountains!

For our project, we created the Nile River in an aluminum baking dish.  We used potting soil, creating a slope from the "mountains" to the "ocean".  We then lined the river bed with aluminum foil.  The children sprinkled grass seed all over the potting soil.  Then, we flooded the river!  They were able to see how the flood plain watered the seeds.  Hopefully, they will grow for us!

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