Monday, July 16, 2012

Textbooks & Info

Text books are not included in tuition. Feel free to buy USED!!

A Multi-Subject 3-Ring Binder can be used, or smaller, separate 3-Ring Binders for each subject.

1st Grade for 2012-2013

  • Spelling/Phonics/Reading

  • Math
    • Singapore Math 1A & 1B
      • 1A & 1B Text, Standards Edition
      • 1A & 1B Workbook, Standards Edition
      • Extra Practice Book 1, Standards Edition
      • 1A & 1B Test Book
    • The curriculum selected will be used as a spine. Enrichment activities and hands on learning will take place during class time, and additional resources will be sent home as needed!

  • History
    • Story of the World Volume 1
      Story of the World Volume 1 Test Booklet (if desired)
    • (Option to also get the test book that goes with this volume. However, we will pull from the Story of the World Volume 1 Activity Book in class, so it is not required to purchase.)
    • History Pockets: Ancient Civilizations, Grades 1-3 (Do not need to purchase. This is a reproducible booklet that we will be using in class to support material at home. We will also pull from the Story of the World Activity Book in class.)
    • This class lends itself to variation in at-home curriculum!

  • Science
    • Real Science 4 Kids (This is another class that can be a free standing once per week lab class, if a separate science is desired. If so, just purchase the lab manual.)
    • Pre-Level 1 Chemistry (1st Semester).
    • Pre-Level 1 Biology (2nd Semester)
      • Text and Lab Book for each semester
    • This class lends itself to variation in at-home curriculum! Contact Holly Longino for more info if you wish to choose your own science curriculum.

  • Spanish
    • We will be placing an order for Spanish workbooks from The Learning Station in Fayetteville. (Books are around $10-$14.) These will be available for purchase/pickup at Open House on August 3rd.

  • Suzuki Piano (optional)
    • Book, CD, and videos are included

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